How is This Book Useful to You and Your Students?


As a high school teacher of over 20 years, I have learned that the hardest students to reach are the ones who need it the most.  Students come to us for so much more than our curriculum.  We have unique opportunities to help support families in the raising of our youth.  I take the term raising to heart.  As caring adults, we help support youth until they can support themselves.  As teachers, we want our students to grow into confident, independent, and wonderful citizens.  I know you look out on the students in your classes and you see potential, even if they don’t see it in themselves.  


So often teens go though self-defeating periods and create a great deal of pain for themselves and others.  This is when they need caring, guiding adults the most. If our youth can understand their own self-worth and the worth of all others, it would dramatically change their thoughts and actions to reflect a positive and fulfilling future.


The chapters of this book revolve around the central theme of self-esteem as it deals with tough issues like drugs and alcohol, healthy relationships, stress and coping strategies, family, friends, and school.  


Each individual chapter supplements the topics you are already discussing with your classes.


Self Esteem – Sink or Sail

The Faces of False Esteem

Stress and Coping Strategies

Friends, Family, and School

Sex, Love, and Relationships

Food and Body

Drugs and Alcohol

Vice Grip

Hero Training 101

Finding Your Greatness





Let’s help them find their greatness!

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