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How important is this Self-Esteem thing?

Self-esteem is a sense of your own worth, a sense of who you truly are, and it is the single most important item you carry on your journey through life. How you view yourself and your worth in the world will affect every decision you ever make. Low self-esteem sets you up for disasters while good self-esteem protects you from them.

Life is full of choices. When you were a child, most of the critical decisions were made for you, but now, as a teenager, you are making more decisions for yourself.

This book How To Be Your Own HERO revolves around the theme of self-esteem. It is designed to show you the links between self-esteem and the major aspects of your teenage life: relationships, sex, alcohol and drugs, food, your body, your education and career path, your family, and your friends. It will point out the importance of having a strong, healthy sense of self and give you concrete strategies to change your thinking so you can build up your self-esteem and start living a wonderful, strong, purposeful life.

Your life is an amazing journey!

Your self-esteem is your greatest ally in this journey.

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